The Slides of the 5th PIGS Training Course 2016
Case Presentation
Philipp Agyeman, Bern   (PDF = 0.3 MByte)
Ticks and the brain - how to diagnose and treat CNS-disease?
Christoph Berger, Zürich   (PDF = 1.3 MByte)
Role of multiplex PCR in the diagnostics of respiratory viruses
Julia Bielicki and Sandra Asner, Zürich   (PDF = 0.9 MByte)
A refractory infection in girl with cystic fibrosis
Pierre-Alex Crisinel, Lausanne   (PDF = 1.4 MByte)
Antibiotics - what, why, when and how?
Andrea Duppenthaler, Bern   (PDF = 1.8 MByte)
Microbiota and immunity - what I always wanted to know about my good friends
Siegfried Hapfelmeier, Bern   (PDF = 1.7 MByte)
Finding the right words: How to write a good PID paper?
Ulrich Heininger, Basel   (PDF = 0.5 MByte)
Allergy or not allergy - are antibiotics and immunizations dangerous?
Roger Lauener, St. Gallen   (PDF = 1.1 MByte)
HSV and VZV - friend or foe, how to manage different clinical presentations?
Paolo Paioni, Zürich   (PDF = 10.8 MByte)
Immunization of the immunocompromised hostwhat to know & what to do?
Posfay-Barbe, Geneva   (PDF = 2.2 MByte)
Kawasaki disease - "old" storry, new aspects?
Nicole Ritz, Basel   (PDF = 3.0 MByte)
Infections in refugees - rational diagnostics in symptomatic and asymptomatic children
Noémie Wagner, Geneva   (PDF = 2.4 MByte)
Prevention of hospital acquired infections - do we need more than hand hygiene?
Walter Zingg, St. Gallen   (PDF = 2.0 MByte)
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