The Pediatric Infectious Disease Society of Switzerland (PIGS) originated in 2001 as an offshoot of the Pediatric AIDS Group of Switzerland (PAGS). The purpose of the pediatric infectious disease group was to broaden the horizons of the original HIV-oriented society to include the whole area of pediatric infectious disease, while maintaining the personal contact and successful cooperation which had been practiced among the original PAGS members.

PIGS membership consists of pediatric infectious disease specialists, pediatricians in training for the subspecialty title in pediatric infectious diseases, and pediatric hospital staff with an interest in pediatric infectious diseases. The society currently counts 25 members.

PIGS has set itself two goals: 1) to establish standards of care for the management of hospitalized children with infectious diseases in Switzerland and 2) to initiate and perform multi-center studies in the area of pediatric infectious disease. PIGS sees itself therefore as a link between the Swiss Society of Pediatrics (SGP) and the Swiss Society of Infectious Diseases (SGINF).

The two to three annual meetings serve as an open forum for the initiation, discussion and development of projects of common interest, in particular formulating expert opinions, standards of care, clinical guidelines and multi-center study protocols (Activities 2004, Activities 2005, Guidelines). In future, it is the intention of the group to continue all of these activities, however to lay its major emphasis on developing multi-center studies. PIGS members participating in on-going national and international working groups also report on progress to date at these meetings.

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